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Sandra Autullo-Keckeis


Sandra Autullo-Keckeis had her first contact with Budo in 1979 first with Judo in Aargau, then she changed to Aikido in 1986 and joined the Aikido Club Aarau, which until then was only open to adults. In 1992 she studied under the guidance of Sensei Bernard Caloz in Onex, under the direction of Sensei Bernard Caloz. In 1996 and 1999 she passed the exams for 1st and 2nd Dan with Sensei Masatomi Ikeda. From 1998 to 2000 she was president of ACSA and in 2003 and 2014 she made her 3rd and 4th Dan with Sensei Bernard Caloz. From 2010 until today she is an active member of the Aikido Club La Côte, still under the direction of Sensei Bernard Caloz. She supports Aikido trainings for children and leads several ACSA days.

Active in Aikido for 34 years with joy and perseverance. Participation in numerous stages. Committed member of the association and always striving to promote the development of Aikido, to bring Aikido closer to others and to convey its values.

Hasina A.


My Budoka journey started directly with Aikido in September 1985 in Madagascar, at the age of 7 years.

My personal choice was more focused on KarateDo or Chinese martial arts, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan generation, but my parents decided differently, because they enrolled me in Aikido, especially because it does not involve competition and also, in their opinion, to channel my energy overflow.

With time and through my Senpai I learned to enjoy Aikido.

I spent a large part of my training with the late master Charles RAMBELOSON, 6th Dan, the pioneer of Aikido in Madagascar. He was the one who trained the majority of the black belts of the country. Over the years of practice, I had become one of his assistants.

In the early 2000s I came to Europe to live there. I refined my practice, deepened the principles and techniques of Aikido with many teachers, including : Christian BASSE 6th Dan from Poitiers, mare SEYE 6th Dan and Marc BACHRATY 6th Dan. I have taken many training courses with Sensei throughout France, such as Christian TISSIER Shihan, Franck NOEL Shihan, Endo SEISHIRO Shihan and many others. Thanks to my background I have become versatile and open to any kind of practice.

Before I came to Switzerland in November 2018, I taught Aikido at the Stade Poitevin Aikido in Poitiers from 2009 to 2018. There I gave three classes a week, where I taught children, teenagers and also adults.

Currently 4th Dan, I continue to refine and improve my practice.

Patrick Cassidy


Patrick Cassidy has studied the art of Aikido for over 35 years. Early in his career he lived and trained for almost 7 years with his primary school teacher Saito Morihiro Shihan in Iwama, Japan. He has also studied with Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan, Robert Nadeau Shihan and Peter Ralston, the founder of Chen Hsin. After Japan, he founded and managed a successful dojo in California. From California he moved to Switzerland, where he founded Aikido Montreux. For over 10 years he led Aikido Montreux under the supervision of Nadeau Shihan as a member of the Californian Aikido Federation. 3 years ago he founded the Evolutionary Aikido Community, which has over 23 dojos worldwide. The EAC is committed to honoring the traditional art as presented by the Aikikai and the Iwama dojo, but it is also driven by the perspective that Aikido is designed to support the development of our view of conflict and the skills we bring to its resolution.

Peter Fankhauser


My name is Peter Fankhauser, I run the dojo Aikido Unlimited in Uster together with Julia Geissberger. My work as a Trager practitioner and instructor inspires and enriches my Aikido in a decisive way and vice versa. It is not surprising that the healing aspect of Aikido has aroused my interest. It is not the movements and stretches that Aikido brings with it that I would call healing. Healing is more than a well functioning body. It is more this affirmative aspect that is inherent in Aikido, it is this inner attitude that accepts and adopts, even if it is NO. In the Trager work I experience that this not wanting anything has an immediate effect on my clients. A space of trust opens up, where they can relax and be themselves. In Aikido it becomes especially visible for Uke, the nature of the attack changes, the attack dissolves. This magic and unexplainable by our mind inspires me.

Armin Müller

Aikido Sursee

My Budo way started at the age of 12 years with Judo, first at the Judo Club Gütsch, later also in Emmenbrücke. When Aikido was offered in Lucerne in 1981, I found the art, which has inspired me ever since, and has taken a big place in my life.
Just as the school went through different styles over the years, I studied the principles and ideas of Aikido with many teachers and thus became an open allrounder with a great basis. Many stays in Japan and America, especially with my present teacher Frank Doran Shihan (8th Dan), shaped my path. As his student I try to pass on my experiences in a humorous and yet intensive way. In addition to my professions as software engineer, bodyworker/coach and seminar leader, I have been teaching regularly in Lucerne and Sursee since 1994.

Andy Raudies


Andy Raudies started his Budo career in 1985 at the Judo School Lenzburg. Due to a change of ownership in 1987 the school offered Aikido as well as Judo. From 1992 on he regularly trained both martial arts, but mainly Aikido.
In addition to the lessons with Harald Wölfle in Lenzburg, he trained for several years with Ikeda Sensei in Zurich. Always present at national and international courses at home and abroad and with various teachers, he is constantly broadening his horizons.

In 2003 Andy opened his first aikido school, the only one in the whole Fricktal, which he now runs together with his colleague Marcel Zanyi. In 2016 his second school was opened in Küttigen near Aarau. Andy teaches well-founded and precise, with much joy and fun. Andy can be found almost daily on the Tatami, either in his schools, with colleagues in dojos or at courses at home and abroad as a student but also more and more often as a teacher.
Apart from a 5th Dan in Aikido, he also has other black belts in Judo and Ju-Jitsu as well as a well-founded trainer education of the Swiss Judo Association and Youth & Sport.

Daniel Zahnd


Started Aikido on 1.1.1975 at SC Nippon Bern.
Teachers: Giuseppe Prestini 6th Dan, Yves Cauhépé 5th Dan, André Nodquet 8th Dan, Hirokazu Kobayashi 8th Dan and Jiro Kimura 8th Dan.
He combines his annual trips to Japan with sightseeing, culture and training.
President UAS and President of Buikukai Switzerland

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