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Septembre 1969

April 1976

April 2018

The Swiss Aikikai is the oldest association in Switzerland. The association consist of more than 30 Aikido dojos (clubs and schools), which have the same interest in Aikido and strive to enhance the public awareness of Aikido. The association was founded in 1969. Swiss Aikikai promotes the willingness to get to know the others, to respect everyone and to assure continuity. Swiss Aikikai unites generations. We value not only technical Knowledge, but also ethics and ideals. In September 2019, the associations celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The Swiss Aikido Union is a conglomerate of dojos with different backgrounds, which practice the principles of Aikido taught by O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba not only in training but also in daily life: AI (Harmony), Ki (Energy) and DO (the Path). The Swiss Aikido Union maintains good relations to similar associations.

We as the members of the Evolutionary Aikido Community hold this vision of Aikido as our art, our practice and our way:

Our vision emerges from the understanding that we exist in a single, interconnected, interdependent system, and that we are not separate from the other in conflict. We understand that damaging the other, damages the relationship, and thereby impacts who we are. The intention of our art is not to win over the other, but to skillfully bring embodied wisdom into conflict and Life. As practitioners we are catalysts for this evolution. We as the EAC wish to recognize that Aikido impacts our lives at many different levels.

Here you’ll find a short portrait of the three participation associations

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